Hermina Services

Platinum Medical Check-Up
The best option with specialized doctors and comprehensive medical tests. It is highly suitable for those with a family history of diseases or for those who want to ensure their health condition is in excellent shape.
Start From
Rp 14,501,000
Diamond Medical Check-Up
A comprehensive health check-up package from RS Hermina that includes consultations with specialist doctors and advanced diagnostic tests to ensure your overall health.
Start From
Rp 7,887,000
Gold Medical Check-Up
Get a comprehensive and professional health check-up at RS Hermina with the Gold Medical Check-Up package, which includes specialist doctors and complete laboratory tests.
Start From
Rp 4,952,000
Silver Medical Check-Up
Comprehensive health check-up includes consultation with internal medicine specialist, chest X-ray, EKG+interp, and laboratory tests for complete blood count, complete urine analysis, liver function, kidney function, lipid profile, and screening for HBsAg (RAPID), Anti HbS, and VDRL.
Start From
Rp 3,107,000
Basic Medical Check-up
A comprehensive check up package that includes general practitioner consultation, thorax X-ray, EKG+interp, complete blood count, complete urine analysis, urea, creatinine, SGOT, SGPT, and HBsAg (ELISA) test
Start From
Rp 1,694,000
Simple Package Medical Check Up
A complete check-up with a general practitioner and routine blood tests including Fasting Blood Sugar, 2-hour Postprandial Blood Sugar, Uric Acid and Total Cholesterol
Start From
Rp 700,000
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