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About Us

As a business group, Hermina Hospitals offers general hospital services and has developed comprehensive services. supported by specialists care. In carrying out its functions, Hermina Hospitals provides its health care optimally and professionally, under the values of “Growth, Healthy, Long Life”. Hermina Hospitals is committed to providing services for BPJS patients to support government program in Indonesia.


R.S.B Hermina 1983

Hermina in Brief

We initiated our business by establishing “Rumah Sakit Bersalin (RSB) Hermina”, a maternity hospital located on Jl. Raya Jatinegara Barat No. 126, East Jakarta, in 1985. The Hospital was originally named “Rumah Bersalin Djatinegara”, a maternity clinic with the capacity of 7 inpatient beds, founded on the initiative of Mrs. Hermina Sulaiman in 1967.

In 1970, Mrs. Hermina Sulaiman developed the Hospital with Dr. Budiono Wibowo, an Obgyn specialist, and added the capacity to become 13 inpatient beds. The name of “Rumah Bersalin Djatinegara” was then turned into “Rumah Bersalin Hermina”.

In 1983, “Yayasan Hermina”, a non-profit organization was founded to further develop the Hospital. Furthermore, the Foundation obtained a license to set up a hospital and “Rumah Sakit Bersalin Hermina” was officially established on April 25, 1985. Since 1991, the Hospital has expanded to be a maternity hospital called “Rumah Sakit Ibu dan Anak Hermina Djatinegara”.

Until now, Hermina Hospital has 45 hospitals with the category of General Hospital (RSU) in 31 cities in Indonesia. Eight RSUs have Type B status and 37 other RSUs are included in Type C, all with a total of 6.200 beds. Currently, 1 Hermina Hospital has 1 KARS accreditation in the International category, Hermina Hospitals have KARS accreditation in the Plenary category.

"TRUST" as the core value that reflects the trust of customers and other stakeholders
To become a company that operates a growing, healthy and lasting hospital network
  • To conduct sustainable efforts in expanding its hospital network and improving the quality of its hospital network by adding more specialties and services
  • To promote the Company’s departments as initiators, facilitators, coordinators, supervisors and advisors in support of the hospital network
  • To manage the Company professionally in order to deliver greater efficiency and effectiveness, as well as healthy financial ratio
  • To conduct people development to create professional and loyal executives, by smoothly passing down the Company’s system and values to the next generation
Aligning with stakeholder interests using the Balanced Scorecard approach
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