Seminar "Getting to Know Digestive & Eye Surgery Diseases" at Hermina Hospital Karawang

Seminar "Getting to Know Digestive & Eye Surgery Diseases" at Hermina Hospital Karawang

Tuesday, August 30, 2022 Hermina Hospital held a Healthtalk Seminar with the theme "Getting to Know Digestive & Eye Surgery Diseases". This seminar was attended by 30 members of PSM (Community Social Workers) from various regions of Karawang Regency.

This event was held at lt. 3 function rooms of Hermina Hospital Karawang. There are 2 resource persons in this event, namely dr. Yan Ardiyanto Senjaya, SpB-KBD and dr. Azalia Latuasan, SpM. The first session was opened by material about various types of Digestive Surgery presented by dr. Yan Ardiyanto S, SpB-KBD. The next session was brought by dr. Azalia, SpM regarding kinds of eye diseases.

After the presentations from the 2 resource persons, the next session was a question and answer session. The seminar participants seemed very enthusiastic to ask questions and these questions were immediately answered by the two resource persons. After the Healthtalk event, the seminar participants did a "Hospital Tour" at Hermina Hospital, Karawang. It is intended that participants see how the direct condition of the facilities available at RS Hermina Karawang. There are also prizes for seminar participants who can answer questions posed by the event MC. Doorpize in this seminar is in the form of Precious Metals.

With the implementation of this event, it is hoped that the people of Karawang will pay more attention to health regarding Digestive & Eye Surgery. In addition, so that seminar participants can choose Hermina Karawang Hospital as an option in health services.

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