hospital Hermina Hospital Conducts a Greening and Planting Program of 12,000 Trees throughout Jabodetabek

hospital Hermina Hospital Conducts a Greening and Planting Program of 12,000 Trees throughout Jabodetabek

Planting of 12,000 Rs. Hermina Serpong in collaboration with South Tangerang DPD institution head Ardiansyah, Tangsel JLNB social organization, FKPPI, located around the Setu Pamulang Area, South Tangerang

TANGERANG, Pamulang,– Celebrating the Anniversary of RS. The 38th Hermina Hospital will be held on April 25th to be exact and will follow up the 9th Hermina Serpong Anniversary program with the slogan "Growing to Become Resilient", which is more of a commitment to the hospital's vision and mission. Hermina, so that in the future it can be faster in providing services for patients and make it easier, of course it is supported by more modern facilities that refer to an all-digital service, said dr. Typhoon

Cultivating cleanliness and preserving and greening for the lives of our future generations so that they remain sustainable.

By continuing the HUT RS program. Hermina Serpong 9th and welcoming Hermina Hospital's 38th anniversary, Hermina Hospital followed up on a program of planting 12,000 trees around the Jabodetabek area.

In the reforestation program, namely the planting of 12,000 trees, the Rs. Hermina Serpong Branch this time collaborated with the South Tangerang PPLHI Institute which was represented directly by the chairman of the South Tangerang DPD Ardiansyah Agrah S.Kom, also the South Tangsel social organization JLNB (Banten Laskar Nusantara Network), represented by Denim Advisor Rohimat and FKPPI represented by Roy, the location of the greening was carried out around the Setu Pamulang Area, South Tangerang.

In accordance with the slogan RS. Hermina "Growing to Be Tough", then with the program of planting and reforesting 12,000 trees throughout Jabodetabek is in line with the slogan which is one of the visions and missions of the RS. Hermina.

Director of Hermina Serpong Hospital dr. Our social is RS. Hermina Serpong at its 9th Anniversary is also celebrating the 38th Anniversary of Hermina Hospitals on April 25th. he said.

"This activity is a small form of RS. Hermina to keep the environment green and sustainable for the sake of human survival and refreshing oxygen in the environment to keep it healthy, with this tree planting and reforestation we would like to thank all agencies or institutions that are willing to work together with us in this program, "said the General Support Manager Hermina Hospital Mr. Mualimin. SKM., MM.

This activity program will continue in collaboration with related agencies or institutions in their area, one example of the program being carried out by the Hospital. Hermina Serpong, who collaborated with PPLHI South Tangerang, went well and was successful.

As said by the head of PPPLHI South Tangerang, Ardiansyah Agrah S. Kom, who attended the event, "I really support the program carried out by Hermina Serpong Hospital, where the program is in line with our institution and we will continue to support this to help plant this tree on an ongoing basis. sustainable and we wish you a happy birthday RS. Hermina Serpong 9th and happy birthday RS. This is the 38th Hermina Hospital, hopefully Hermina Hospital will become a leading hospital and always provide the best service as well as make it easier for its patients and set an example for other parties who are friendly with the environment and maintain its sustainability.
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