Geriatric Clinic Services at Hermina Pandanaran Hospital

Geriatric Clinic Services at Hermina Pandanaran Hospital

Hello Hermina Friends,

Hermina Pandanaran Hospital has geriatric clinic services. Geriatric patients are elderly patients aged more than 60 years or more who experience health problems.

1. APPLYING A HEALTHY DIET: A balanced diet by increasing the consumption of fiber (vegetables and fruit). Reduce consumption of fatty foods and consume enough mineral water (8 glasses per day)
2. PHYSICALLY ACTIVE: Being physically active can provide health benefits for the heart and metabolism. In addition, being physically active can also help control weight and prevent chronic disease. Physical activities that train strength, balance, flexibility, and aerobics need to be done by the elderly to support health
3. KEEP WEIGHT: The elderly do not have to lose weight, but should focus more on preventing weight gain. This is done to improve the quality of life of the elderly so that they can become healthy elderly.

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