Hermina Samarinda Hospital CSR Activities in 2023

Hermina Samarinda Hospital CSR Activities in 2023

Hello Hermina Friends,

In commemoration of the 38th anniversary of Hermina Hospitals, Hermina Samarinda Hospital held a CSR activity. This activity consists of:

  • Provision of Hydroponics at SDN 009 Sungai Kunjang
  • Provision of Hydroponics at the Karang Asam Ilir Village Office
  • Tree Planting at Kedondong Market

This activity was carried out on March 27, 2023, in the local area. Hydroponics is a method of farming without using soil but instead using water media that contains certain nutrients and minerals to serve as a planting medium. Planting with hydroponic techniques is an environmentally friendly method because the process uses natural ingredients and does not use excessive pesticides. Because the process is organic, vegetables and fruit from hydroponic cultivation tend to be healthier. So it is hoped that this hydroponic provision can also be cultivated in schools and village offices for students and the local community. Likewise, by planting trees at Kedondong Market, it is hoped that it can help reduce air pollution and green the local environment.

Hopefully, this CSR activity can be useful for Karang Asam Ilir Village and its surroundings. Healthy Greetings

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