Hello Hermina friends.

Now Hermina Padang Hospital has been equipped with CT-Scan examination service facilities.
CT-Scan examination is a procedure that uses X-rays with computer-processed results to produce images in sections so that you can see each part of the image taken in more detail. With this technique, the resulting image is much more detailed than a regular X-ray. So that it can help make a more accurate diagnosis of the patient. For Hermina's friends, there is no need to hesitate to go to Hermina Padang Hospital.

Consult your friends' health with Hermina
To make it easier to access services and registration at Hermina Padang Hospital, here's how:

1. Download the mobile application on Playstore PT Medika Loka Hermina TBK (available for android)
2. Call center 1500488
3. www.herminahospitals.com

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