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Edelweiss Hermina IVF Clinic

Edelweiss Hermina IVF Clinic is a Fertility and IVF Clinic at Hermina Hospital Bekasi. Edelweiss Hermina IVF Clinic helps a married couple to have a baby. With appropriate service products and based on the right indications for prospective parents, namely as follows:

1. Polyclinic

2.  Andrology and IVF Laboratory

Sperm retrieval operations on the testes of men who have problems with the number or quality of sperm or in the case of Azoospermia, can then be carried out IVF.

Edelweiss Hermina IVF Clinic has Expert Doctors and Embryologists and Nurses who are competent in their fields.

The following is the Edelweiss Hermina IVF Clinic Team:

If Friends of Hermina have problems related to fertility, we are ready to help. Consult the problems of Friends of Hermina with our doctors at the Edelweiss IVF Clinic Hermina Hospital Bekasi.

Enjoy the convenience of other outpatient registrations through:
1. Hermina Mobile Application Halo Hermina" (available on Playstore/Appstore)
2. Website : www.herminahospitals.com
3. Call Center : 1500 488

Hermina Bekasi

Hermina Hospital, Jalan Kemakmuran, RT.004/RW.003, Marga Jaya, Bekasi Selatan, Bekasi City, West Java, Indonesia
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