What is the function of folic acid for pregnant women??

What is the function of folic acid for pregnant women??

Hello Hermina friends, have you ever heard of folic acid? Why is it important for pregnant women? So Hermina's Friend, Folic acid is a type of B-complex vitamin that has many important roles for health, starting from the formation of red blood cells, supporting the immune system, to supporting the process of fetal growth and development. Pregnant women need to meet their nutritional needs, one of which is folic acid. Folic acid is very important to consume before and during pregnancy because it can help prevent birth defects in the baby's brain and nerves.

Foods sourced from Folic Acid:

Foods that can be consumed by pregnant women that contain folic acid are:

1. Vegetables and major

2. Fruits

3. Nuts

4. Foods high in protein (chicken, red meat, chicken liver and eggs)

Functions of Folic Acid for Pregnant Women:

1. Prevent neural tube defects, folic acid avoids the risk of developing neural tube defects and helps babies develop properly

2. Prevent miscarriage. Adequate daily intake of folic acid before and during pregnancy is also believed to be able to prevent miscarriage.

3. Reducing the risk of premature birth and impaired fetal growth in the womb.

4. Reducing the risk of preeclampsia Several studies have shown that pregnant women who get enough folic acid intake since the second trimester of pregnancy have a smaller risk of experiencing preeclampsia. This condition is a complication of pregnancy characterized by increased blood pressure, swelling, and increased levels of protein in the urine.

5. Avoid the risk of babies born with less weight.

6. Prevent anemia. Anemia during pregnancy can cause various pregnancy complications that have the potential to threaten the lives of the mother and baby. Therefore, pregnant women need to get enough folic acid and iron intake.


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